SS Tracking Solutions

SS Tracking Solutions is a 100% Swazi owned company founded in 2016. SS Tracking Solutions is popularly known for fleet management, vehicle tracking, recovery and micro dotting services. SS Tracking Solutions is an advanced fleet management and tracking Solution Company. Our advanced tracking platform gives you the power to monitor your valuable assets and vehicle from any computer and smart phone with internet.

Our secure web-based platform enables you to gather reports about the status of your assets. Our GPS fleet management systems are applicable in any type of assets tracking scenario. This may include: trucks, trailers,vans and car tracking, bikes and various types of equipment and inventory. We operate according to a best-in-class service model support by a right-the-first-time work ethic as well as commitment to the highest level of customer service that nurtures long term relationships with our clients.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a top fleet management, data dotting and tracking solutions company active in Africa and beyond by providing top class fleet management services, exceptional customer service and GPS tracking solutions.

Our Mission

SS Tracking Solutions’ mission is to provide cost savings, security and business operation optimization for vehicle fleets by providing innovative and effective solutions in a wide range of different industries.”

Our Core Strength

Our innovative hardware features monitor driver’s behavior, car crash detector and advanced anti-temper technology. We offer highly configurable, modular and scalable solution with many additional hardware options that address a variety of challenges and meet precise business and operational requirements.

This will enable better informed strategic decision making, using highly flexible reporting which is simple and easy to use, to achieve fleet efficiencies and reduce costs. Our automated scheduled email report include journey, time sheets, mileage, exception, drivers behavior, fuel and utilization to ensure the right data is delivered to the stakeholder in the most effective format at the right time.

Our Values


We are committed to offering the most innovative products and deliver our services in the most innovative ways to keep up with the ever-changing trends and technology


We believe in shared availability of full information for both internal and customers


We are committed to deliver high quality customer service at the highest level by being responsive to customer needs.


We are committed to providing an exceptional service to shape a better future.


We are committed to respecting the confidential information entrusted to by our clients.


We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure service excellence.


We are committed to offering high standard services and timely delivery.

Why Choose Us?

SS Tracking Solutions clients choose us because they need one trusted advisor who can come into their inner circle and understand what they care about deeply: their family, their business and their long-term goals. But clients also choose us because they need a partner who can contribute and work hand in hand with them to achieve their goals.

We offer a wide range of easy, cost-effective services and benefits which include:

  • The use of GPS network – for a detailed trip history of the car, current location and a playback feature to view where the vehicle has been.
  • Local and International recovery with the help of our partners: \Recovery .
  • 24 Hours control center & High recovery rates.
  • Strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies such as Lukhozi Unit and Emergency Services.
  • Traceable via Smart phone with accurate satellite vehicle positioning.
  • Cross – border coverage.
  • Strong relationship with insurance companies, approved by SRIC – this will ensure that insurance companies to give customers insurance premium discounts.
  • SMS and Email notification -this helps if the car is used without the owner’s authorization
    as the owner will receive a notification that the car is being moved from the location it was
    and then you will know if the car is being stolen.